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About Elevive: Teen Mental Health

Our teens are facing more and more stress, with rates of mental health issues increasing at alarming events.


70% of teens wish their schools taught more about mental health and coping mechanisms. Sadly, most do not. That is where EleVive comes in.


At EleVive, clients discover immediately actionable skills to help them in their lives, now and in the future.

EleVive applies Dr. E’s patented Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT), which uses cutting edge neuroscientific principles to rewire the brain.

The result?


Clients develop long-lasting habits to better regulate their emotions, boost their emotional intelligence, be more resilient, and optimize their performance.

EleVive: Elevate your mindset. Thrive in life.

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Abut Dr. E

It was during her first week in psychology school that Dr. Lombardo realized that we all would benefit from better understanding our mind, and how to make it work for and not against us. This lead Dr. E on a mission to help people before they needed the proverbial shrink couch.

As a psychologist and parent of two teens, Dr. E founded EleVive to help the growing number of teens who are struggling with their mental health.

Via keynote speaking, media appearances, writing books and coaching, Dr. E shares research-supported strategies in bite-sized, digestible nuggets to help you rewire your brain and thrive in life.


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